Why Kitchen Is The Most Dangerous Room For Infants

Kitchen Hazards For Infants

Some parents may overlook the fact that the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house for toddlers and infants. If you look at a kitchen from a toddler perspective, nearly every part of the kitchen can be harmful. In the kitchen an infant can get hurt by:

  • Sharp knives and scissors.
  • Glass cups and breakable glassware.
  • Hot fluids like soup or coffee mugs.
  • Open flame of a gas stove.
  • Extreme hot surfaces like ovens and pots.
  • Small objects to swallow.
  • Falls from stool chairs, work tops.
  • Medicines and alcohol.
  • Toxic cleaning fluids.
  • Wires and electrical cords.
  • Heavy objects.

The list can go on, as there are more hazards in each and every kitchen.

How To Baby Proof The Kitchen

If you have a newborn or young baby, you should consider now to baby proof the kitchen and eliminate or prevent soft of the injuries associated with it. Here are some tips to help you baby proof the kitchen.

Keep pots and pan handles away from kids, make it a habit to turn the handles to the inner part so kids will not be able to reach them.

Keep all cabinets and cupboards locked to prevent kids from reaching breakable glass kitchenware. You will need a few cabinet latches and safety locks. There are several types, which are all similar. Make sure the latches are suitable for the type of cabinet doors you plan to lock. There are different latches for a door with handles or a door with knobs.

baby cabinet lock and safety latchesIf you do not have cabinet door latches and locks you can find some cost effective solutions at Amazon. Locking the cabinets can prevent many of the hazards mentioned above, like poisoning and reaching sharp objects or small objects which may cause choking.

It is important that the solution you chose would be comfortable to you too, otherwise you will probably will not keep using the latches and locks. Magnetic locks like this set are easy to use and makes the locking a breeze.

Using toddler safety gates are another way to keep crawling babies away from the kitchen. These gates will keep the baby from entering when you are not looking. You can use the baby safety gates all around the house, to limit the baby to a specific room or area depending where you are at each time.

It is recommended to be alert at the dangers available in the house so you can invest in preventing accidents than to surviving them.