Where Is The Safest Place To Put a Baby Crib In Nursery

Where Should The Baby Crib Be Placed

When you are expecting a new baby to arrive, you may be planning and designing the nursery in the meanwhile. If you are expecting the first baby, then the nursery or baby’s room is still to be made. For those who expect the second or third baby, the location of each and every furniture is probably already determined. Some families decide to move to a larger home when they are expecting the family to grow. This short article will review the safety aspects of arranging the nursery sleeping sets.

Here is a 1:41 short video about Crib safety in general, watch about recalls and buying second hand cribs.

Safety Consideration For Placing The Crib

The crib should be placed in a clear and open space. There should not be any shelves above it, or any handing clothes or top of cupboard near it. Babies within a few month are able to sit and stand in their crib, which means they can reach out and grab loose clothes hanging above, or rock a cupboard near by. This can result in falling objects, which may injure the baby or cause suffocation, when a loos clothes falls over their head and they roll inside it helplessly.

You should make sure there are no loose wires and cables running near the crib. These can be the blinds wires, electric wires, a handing game cable or any type of string. Many babies have managed to reach and pull these strings, wires and cables into the crib and wrap them around their neck. Sounds far fetch? Not to the hundreds of parents who lost a baby this way. Wires are easy to grab in their tiny palms, and their instinct is to bring everything to their mouth. From there rolling over a loose string is just a matter of time.

The crib should be placed in a clear area so when you walk with a baby in your arms, there is little chance of tripping over low furniture like ottomans, boxes of toys, piles of clothes, open drawers etc.. This is true for day and for nighttime when you may be bringing a baby back to their bed after changing or feeding.

Other considerations for locating a crib should be, is it too close to a window? Babies and toddlers can walk and climb within 12-16 months.

If there is heating in the room, is it too close to the crib? Over heating is one of the reasons for SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome were healthy babies are found dead for no apparent reason. The room should be ventilated and the baby not covered by too many layers. So the heating should not be too close! Another aspect is that if the heating is an electric red spring, and the baby throws a blanket or a toy outside, it can fall on or near the heater and cause fire.

What You Need For Baby Safe Sleeping

4-in-1 Safe Convertible CribYou need a crib which has the correct and safe width of slats, which comes with the right size of mattress. A sturdy crib, which MUST NOT HAVE ANY DROP DOWN RAILING.

These cribs with dropdown railings have been all recalled! Other models have been recalled too, that is why if you intend to buy a second hand crib, you ought to check the recall statements to see if the mode you plan to buy second hand is safe or not.

4-in-1 Safe baby Convertible Crib openToday most parents get the 4-1 cribs like you can see in the images. these type of cribs grow with the baby and are safe for 0-12 month and change when the toddler needs to move to bed sleeping. These may seem to cost a little more, but save money and hassle over time, and the kids love the look and smell of their own bed, and not getting a new bed every year.

Click here to read parents reviews about the 4 in 1 baby convertible crib. As you can see in the images, the crib changes over time to suit the baby new needs.

After you order or bring a new crib to the nursery, please invest one moment to think where it should be placed, and what needs to be done to make it safer for the baby.