Using Safety Gate For The Bottom Of The Stairs

Get a Safety Gate For The Bottom Of The Stairs Too

If you have small babies or toddlers who can walk or crawl, you should be using safety gates for the bottom of the stairs. It will save you from always having to go after them and can prevent a lot of accidents that could happen. It is just a good choice to make for your home.

Permanent or Temporary Safety Gates

When it comes to the safety gates you can choose to install them or you can use ones that just go on the side of your walls. If you think you will be in your home for a while and you would like a nicer look you should install the gate. If you need a cheaper solution you can just buy a gate to put up as needed. Temporary safety gates can be moved to other doorways which you might like to limit the toddler from entering.

Spend some time looking at the different gates to find one that will work. The best type of gate is one that can change its size. That way you could use it in more than one place. You just need to change how wide it is. Nearly all the safety gates kits have extensions, so you do not have to worry if your stairs are too wide.

If you are going to install a gate it would be best to have someone professional come and do that. That way you know it will be done well and you can depend on it. You don’t want a gate you think is installed correctly to come apart and not work the way it should. Unfortunately each year in the United States there are thousands of kids which arrive at medical centers due to falls related to gates not performing as expected.

After the gate is put up or installed, make sure your child can’t climb over them. Sometimes older toddlers can figure it out and then the gate won’t do you any good. You can also work to teach them that when the gate is up it means they have to stay in that room but it depend on the child and how well they will listen to that.

A safety gate at the bottom of the stairs is important when you have a crawling baby at home. A baby does not need to be able to walk to climb stairs. Many parents overlook this issue and buy the safety gate only after they find that the baby has managed to climb a few stairs or even reached the top of the staircase.

Which Gate For Bottom Of Stairs

Bottom of stairs baby safety gateOne of the most highly reviewed safety gates is the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate. This gate is best for gating doorways and bottom part of stairs. As you can see in the image, it has a bar at the lower part, so it is less recommended for top of the stairs. No worth to have a gate if you or anyone else at the top of the stairs will trip over the lower bar.

Pressure mounted – Easy to install and remove
This gate fits opening between 29-40 inches wide.

Can be used at top of stairs if included wall cups are utilized to more firmly affix gate
Lever style handle with safety lock offers an easy one touch release
Perfect for doorways and staircases

Click here to read customer reviews about this safety gate and to see if it fits your needs.

It would be recommended if you have stairs at home either going up to a second floor or down to a basement, to get and install a safety gate as soon as the baby begins to crawl.