Tips For Preventing Infant Crib Death Or SIDS

Reduce Risks For SIDS – Infant Crib Death

SIDS instant sudden death syndrome SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a very serious matter, and there are things new parents should know in order to prevent this from happening.

One thing you need to know is to have your baby sleep on his or her back. A baby’s risk of SIDS increases if sleeping on his or her stomach or side. A small newborn baby and then a few months old baby usually can not lift their head at will. This means that if they are sleeping on their tummy, and their face is located on or too near a soft blanket, they can not move it or their head.

If you have someone else caring for your baby, you’re going to want to make sure they know exactly what to do. Some parents are skeptical of a baby sleeping on his or her back because of choking, but you need to know that this isn’t something you would normally have to worry about. Pediatricians can give you guidelines as to what you can do to keep your baby’s head elevated if necessary.

Safety Accessories For Baby Sleeping

Baby SIDS breathing monitor for sleepA baby can choke while on its back only if it vomits during sleep. This can happen if they are cold or if they have just eaten. It is important that the parents hear their baby all night. Make sure you have a sound monitor to alert you when the baby is coughing or vomits. These are not loud noises, so you will not hear them without a sound monitor which is near the baby. Today monitors are not expensive you can get a value monitor for less than $100.

You’re going to find out that when a baby turns six months old, the baby is able to turn over, which means you’re not going to be able to keep your baby on his or her back. You’re going to want to be sure that your baby has a firm mattress in the crib, and the blankets and other bedding materials shouldn’t be extremely soft or plush.

Another thing you want to keep away are soft toys and fluffy teddy bear. They are cute but are not safe for a newborn be inside the crib.

Do Not Smoke Near Baby

You can help prevent SIDS by not smoking when pregnant. You should take a look at the statistics.The risk sky rockets for babies which the mother had been smoking during pregnancy and when when there is smoking near the place the baby sleeps.

Breastfeeding is good for your baby, and it is said that it might actually help prevent SIDS.You can also use a pacifier to help your baby get to sleep. A firm mattress, sleeping on the back with a pacifier can reduce the risk for SIDS a lot.

There are other things you can learn about SIDS prevention, co-sleeping with parents or another sibling is dangerous, and can end in baby suffocation. Also if the parents were drinking alcohol, and they baby is sleeping in their bed, they will not notice if they roll over the baby.

Do not dress the baby too warm, and do not heat the room too much. Two layers is enough to keep the baby warm, and a slight window and breeze is even needed to let fresh air enter the nursery. SIDS have occurred when the baby was dressed in two-three layers and covered in blanket and the room was heated and closed.

If you want to know everything is OK and not risk any fatal incidents and night, you need to get a sound and movement sensor monitor.