The Painful Accident of Fingers Pinched In Door Hinge Side

Door Hinge-Side Finger Protection For Crawling Babies

Door Finger Hinge-side Safety Guard Shield ProtectorDoor hinge side pinching fingers is a type of accident which is really easy to eliminate. There are hundreds of accidents which most parents can not do too much about, but protecting toddler’s fingers from hinge side of door is one of the easiest to deal with.

If you have a crawling baby or if your baby is soon to begin crawling, than you should prepare the house to become less dangerous for them. Like adding soft guards at the side of the coffee table and adding electric outlets covers, you need to add door guards as well.

Door Stoppers & Door Hinge Guard Shields

There are door stoppers which will prevent the door from slamming shut on your baby’s fingers. These are used on the knob side of the door. They are low cost and with little attention, you can prevent door slamming on kids fingers.

Door which sway in light winds can easily chop off a toddler finger and crush their tiny palm. You will know the accident has occurred by the painful scream which will follow it. When there are older siblings in the house extra caution needs to be taken, they tend to forget to place door stoppers, they run and rush, and they slam doors.

Adding a hinge side cover protection will eliminate any finger accidents in that side of the door. These shield protectors are easy to apply and there is no need for tools or hardware, and anyone can do it at home. The door hinge side covers are attached to the door and door frame post. They prevent 100% from fingers entering the hinge crack of the door. You will find Door Finger Hinge-side Safety Guard Shield Protectors at doorposts and door jambs in nurseries and kindergartens.

In most homes, there is a need for 1-2 of these Door Finger Hinge-side Safety Guard Shield Protectors . In the nursery or main playing room, from which the baby or toddler crawls and walks daily. Add them to the parents bed room or older sibling room, if that’s the room the toddler walks to by their own. Add them to a yard or patio door which the baby may one day walk through by their own. A small investment will make sure they are safe from hinge side door pinching and finger crushed.