Monitor the House Constantly for Choking Hazard Objects

Choking Hazard Objects Can Be Anywhere

Preventing Baby Choking hazards at homeAs a parent you must know that choking hazards can be anywhere around the house. These are one of the most dangerous threats to your crawling baby and young toddler. When babies begin to crawl and until the age of 36 month.. One of their main ways to learn about the world is through their mouth. This means they will try and “taste” anything they will find. They will put any small object in their mouth. These small objects can be extremely dangerous, as they are one of the main causes of child fatal accidents at home.

How Can You Reduce the Risk Of Choking

First of all think about it! Have it in your mind that toddlers and infants will bring every small object to their mouth. If they are lying on their back, the tiny bead or coin can fall into their throat and choke them.

You need to look for small objects at the child’s height level, they see the world by crawling. They see items under the sofa, under the table and behind the desks. They crawl to corners where we do not have clear view to see if a small hazardous object has rolled into. Go on your knees and do a search in the room before you let the infant play there.

Be more careful if you have fluffy rugs and carpets, a coin which falls on such carpet does not make any sound, it will stay there silently until it is found by the baby.

If there are other kids in the house, they leave around drawers open, they play with Lego and do not pick small pieces which fall around. Make proper separation when the older sibling is playing in the room. You can not expect a 6 years old to be responsible enough to avoid dropping or picking every choking size parts.

You have to carefully check the infants toys to see that parts which can be swollen have not been dismantled. A wheel which comes off, a teddy bear’s eye which can be pulled out, switches and buttons which may be loose and fall off.

Make sure to lock all cabinets and drawers, infants are curious, they will open and search every place they can open.

Make sure to clean the floor around the dinner table and kitchen floor. Babies may recognize a grape, an olive, peanuts and other small foods and try to eat them.

Use home safety gates to prevent the infant from getting out (or into) rooms which you do not want them to wander into.

One of the most dangerous toys for infants are balloons! They are the number one choking toy! Hundreds of babies and toddlers are choked by parts of balloons which they have inserted into their mouth. The balloon pieces are colorful, they are thin, hard to manage inside the mouth, and they can reach distant places if a balloon pops at home. They pieces fly to into unexpected places only a crawling baby may find few days later.

Another ‘toy’ to watch out from, are the magnetic beads. They are small and easy to swallow. The main risk is that magnets are so strong, they can ‘stick’ to one another grabbing a piece of tissue and may not pass through. Causing situation where they are hard to extract.

Prevent infant Choking A parent can’t be every second with a toddler in the same room, for this reason (and a thousand moreā€¦) you need a safety video camera and monitor set to see at every second what the baby is doing in the other room. If you are in the kitchen and the living room is out of sight, place the video camera unit to supervise the living room and take the monitor to the kitchen. You will be able to see and notice what the infant is doing every second.

Use extra eyes to monitor the infant and see what they are doing. Your life would be less stressful when you have a safety video camera and monitor set. Be aware for possible risks which are left around the house.