Make Sure Doors Cannot Slam Close on Baby Fingers

Door Safety For Babies at Home

One of the most horrible accidents which is not deadly, is a door slamming on baby’s fingers. These accidents happen more than we would like to. They are never planned or predicted. Suddenly there is a noise of slamming door, and then a scream of pain. For younger infants and toddlers this accident can cause an fingertip injury amputation.

These accidents are very easy to prevent. This requires only awareness from parents about which doors are influenced by winds and tend to close by themselves. Another way is to consider every door which the toddler passes by a probable risk. Doors to nursery, bathroom, garage and other doors toddlers cross daily as doors which may require some attention.

Door Slamming On Infant’s Fingers

Door Finger Safety GuardThese type of accidents are easily eliminated. There are door stoppers which are placed on the top or sides of the door, and prevent the door from moving freely. This means that a light brisk will not slam the door by itself. These door stoppers are low cost made of rubber, and can fit most doors without any prior measuring. Click here and order a pair of these to make sure your doors never slam on your kids fingers.

The downside is that these stoppers can be moved by other siblings, or can be loosened and the door may slam without warning. So they are fine for most homes, but are not 100% fool proof bad luck and miserable coincidence.

There are more sophisticated door stoppers which keep the door open unless an adult removes the safety pin or latch. They will prevent any door closing uncontrollable.

Door Joint And Hinge Pinching Fingers

If would have ended with an pinch, it might not be a big issue. But fingers inserted into door joints when the door get closed may cause the fingers to be cut off. These accidents happen quite a lot. And it takes only the slightest door movement to pinch or squash a toddler fingers.

These accidents can be prevented by keeping doors fixed open without possible movement. This can be done the permanent door stoppers.

Door Finger Hinge-side Safety Guard Shield Protector

Door Finger Hinge-side Safety Guard Shield ProtectorAnother way to prevent fingers squashed by door hinge and joints, is adding an elastic protection cover over the door edge. Covering the door edge where the door and wall meet, is the safest way to prevent any chance of a toddler to loose fingers there.

The recommended solution preventing 100% of the hinge side accidents is adding the safety cover protection. These Door Finger Hinge-side Safety Guard Shield Protectors are used in nursery, preschool, childcare and daycare.

The upside is that this type of protection requires no tools or hardware and within minutes your baby fingers is protected. Apply it to any door you know the toddler can interact with. These shields are effective and can be used when baby is crawling or beginning to walk and they push theirĀ  tiny delicate fingers to every place they can reach. Get the Door Finger Hinge-side Safety Guard Shield Protectors right away, and prevent any chance of finger pinching at the hinge side.