How To Prevent Baby Extremely Hot Surfaces Burn Injuries

Preventing Extremely Hot Surfaces Burn Injuries

Prevent Baby Extremely Hot Surfaces Burn Injuries There is no doubt that one of the most horrible injuries to babies would be a severe skin burn. There are thousands of incidents every year when a toddler is injured with skin burns. In some cases it may be a mild burn but in most cases it becomes a severe burn with complications which may end up with years of surgeries and unbelievable pain and physiological agony for the family.

Wherever There is Heat There is Danger To Kids

You must be aware that when ever a toddler is near a hot surface, unless double strict safety precautions are takes, an accident may occur. You need to make extra efforts to prevent accidents long before they can happen.

  1. In the kitchen make sure the handles of the pans and pots on the stove are not facing outward. They should be turned inward so a toddler can not reach out and pull the pan or pot.
  2. Place a barrier in front of a stove or oven so a child can not place a chair too near. They will climb to see ‘what is cooking’ and may spill hot fluids on themselves.
  3. In the bath tub, fill it first with cold water before you add the hot water, so the tub does not get steaming hot.
  4. Use a bath tub thermometer to check the bath water temperature.
  5. When you drink coffee or tea, make sure the cup is out of reach.
  6. If you have a table cloth, note that toddlers can pull those, pulling everything else off the table with it.
  7. Make sure hot appliances like toasters and coffee pots are not close to the worktop edge.
  8. If you light a BBQ, place it at the side so kids can not reach it freely and from all sides.
  9. Do not leave the charcoals to “cool down”, make sure the fire is totally put out and grill is watered.
  10. Never leave an electric heater too close to the crib, babies throw blankets and clothes out which can catch fire.
  11. Make sure you have a smoke detector at home, if there is smoke.. there is probably fire too.
  12. Keep matches away from any sibling.
  13. In the summer, metal surfaces outside in the sun can become very hot, like seat belt buckles.
  14. Make sure the baby food is not over heated in the microwave.

Secure Your Baby From Burns

Battery-Operated Combination Smoke Carbon Monoxide AlarmThe first accessory you will want to install in several rooms of the house is a smoke detector. It is recommended to have them in the nursery so you get alerted when there is fire or smoke there. Most of the smoke detectors have been proven to save lives.

They give the advanced warning before the fire is too intense which complicates any rescue situation. Check this Battery-Operated Combination Smoke Carbon Monoxide Alarm which has voice warning too, so everyone knows what is going on, and not just panic from the alarm.

Keep a sharp eye looking for dangers around your baby, especially observing skin burns hazards. These can end in redness and blisters and on the worst case scenario can end in scarring or even death. The baby skin is extra sensitive, it can get affected by heat which may seem bearable to older kids.