How to Ensure Your Baby Sleeps Safely

Is Your Baby Sleeping Safely

Safe Baby sleeping Tips Safe sleep for an infant requires several factors, which begin with the gestation period – it is important that the child is not exposed to cigarette smoke during their early development. Statistics show correlation between sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and the fact the baby was exposed to smoking even before they were born.

Another important consideration during the child’s development is nutrition. Breastfeeding is a good way to help to protect an infant from sudden infant death syndrome, which can be caused by secondary diseases. There are some congenital conditions which can cause SIDS (or SUDI as it is known in some parts of the world). Breastfeeding will help to allow the child to develop properly, and will also ensure that the child is at minimal risk of problems during sleep.

Preventing Causes For SIDS

Make sure that the child sleeps on a firm bed with a firm pillow and that the sheets are smooth. Fluffy sheets and overly soft mattresses can be dangerous for children, and increase the risk of the child suffocating. It is important especially when bringing the newborn to co sleep with the parents. This is common when the mother is breastfeeding and leaves the baby to sleep in the parents bed.

Do not use a mattress that leaves a gap between the edge of the bed and the frame, and don’t let them sleep on a couch, since they could get stuck in the crevice between the cushions. Babies roll and push themselves into corners and gaps from which they can not escape.

Adult beds are not designed for children to sleep in them, and they can be quite dangerous for young children. If you do decide to co-share with a baby, make sure that both parents (if applicable) are comfortable with the idea of doing this, and they should not do it if they have consumed alcohol, because this can dull the senses even in sleep, and increase the risk of the child being hurt by a parent rolling over in deep sleep.

4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer

Safe sleeping for babyThis is a safe sleeping solution for children since they are newborn and until they are grown toddlers. The fact that there is a changing station near the crib, means there is less walking around with a baby which can be risky falling over toys. It is safer handling a diaper change when all the things needed are close at hand and not leaving the baby and fetching wipes or a pajama. Check the 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer and other baby cribs to find the one which fits you most.

Older children should never share a bed with an infant. Always make sure the infant is either in a dedicated cot, or with an adult that can take responsibility for their well being.

Baby Sleeping Sensor Unit

Baby breathing monitor for sleepAnother item which will help you sleep better is a baby movement monitor, which tracks all night the baby slightest movements (breathing) and sets and alarm if no movement is felt fro a few seconds, which may mean the baby has stopped breathing. The unit comes with an under mattress unit sensor, with an alarm and a radio monitor for the parents room.

While SIDS risks can be reduced it cannot be eliminated totally, and the baby movement sensor monitor unit are the last alarm parents have to make sure their baby is sleeping well and safe all night long.

The crib must be clear from soft toys and fluffy pillows. Make sure there are no wires and ropes near the crib or clothes hanging above it. Blinds ropes and cables can cause suffocation if they are reached by the baby hands and pulled in to the crib. Keep crib away from open fire and flame heaters.