Did You Know Balloons Cause More Toddler Suffocation Than Any Other Toy

Balloons Cause Toddlers and Baby Suffocation

Balloons Cause Toddlers and Baby Suffocation Not to many parents know the fact that balloons are the number one cause of suffocation incidents for kids and babies, compared to any other toy. The balloons which kids love and are an immediate associated with party and fun, have cause more kids death by suffocation than any other toy.

What this means to you as a parent, is that when ever your kids are around balloons, you should be double aware what they are doing. You should watch out and notice if they try and insert the balloon into their mouth. They might try and bite on the edge, or try to inflate it, or if it pops to inflate a torn piece of the balloon. In any of these cases you should take the balloon away.

There should be extra care when letting a baby play with a balloon. Babies bring everything to their mouth. If the balloon pops, all the pieces need to be cleared away. You should check under the furniture and under the crib. Crawling babies reach places parents do not see. An inflated balloon which explodes can send pieces of latex to fly further than you normally would think to search.

A piece of latex balloon can fall in or get swallowed and choke a baby or child who is lying on his back.

Special attention is needed when there are older siblings in the house who may play with balloons around or near an infant sibling. They need to know that the balloons are fun but dangerous to their little brother or sister. They need to know to collect all the pieces if the balloon pops.

Young kids want to inflate the balloon by themselves. Some of them instead of blowing air, do the opposite and inhale air and inflate the balloon inward to their mouth. This is super dangerous as it may result in the latex being inhaled! The thin latex is difficult to remove once it entered the breathing system.

 How To Prevent Balloon Choking

  • Remove any piece of balloon you can find.
  • Give the baby balloons which are not totally inflated.
  • A ‘soft’ balloon will less likely pop.
  • Be alert with what your baby is playing!

Video Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical LensIf you do not watch the baby every second or if you have a nursery where the baby plays you should be in constant awareness what is going on that room. For this reason (and a thousand more…) you need a safety video camera and monitor set to see at every second what the baby is doing in the other room. You need to remember a baby which is suffocated by a piece of balloon can not shout for help.

You need to see every thing which is going on behind you even if you are in the kitchen close by. A small video monitor connected to a camera unit in the living room, can give you more sense of control when the toddler is playing ‘nice and quite’. If you haven’t got a portable camera and monitor yet, check the reviews of this unit at Amazon. Preferred and highly rated by many parents.

Many parents are aware and careful about small objects infants can get choked by, they need to add to the top of the list – the balloons! They are the number one cause for kids suffocation compared to any of the other small parts and toys.