Preventing Baby & Child Fatal Injuries at Home

Prevent Common Domestic Accidents

Preventing Baby Children Fatal Injuries at HomeNo parent ever thought he or she would be one of those rushing to hospital with their child in serious condition due to a domestic accident. Yet nearly 2 million children arrive at US medical centers after being injured at home. Some of them are lucky to have a slight injury, but tens of thousands of them are lucky to be alive.

There are thousands of children which are killed each year at home accidents, from baby drowning in the bath, poisoning, burns and suffocation. The list of horrible incidents is endless! The most sad part is that most of these fatal accidents could have been prevented!

Preventing home accidents is the number one responsibility of parents. Being able to give their children a safe and caring environment. From a safe place to sleep, and reducing the chance for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and preventing other death and injuries in the crib or nursery. Preventing injuries on and around the changing table, the bath, the kitchen and accidents around the house.

Many accidents happen not because of neglect, but mainly because parents were unaware of the dangers around their child.

Parental Awareness To Children Safety

There is no way to emphasis the importance of parental awareness to dangers and risks around the house and in their yard. It takes nearly no effort or investment to prevent the most fatal home injuries and deadly accidents. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look out from.

There are different risks which evolve as the child grows. When a newborn turns into a crawling baby, there are different types of hazards which need to be taken in to consideration. For example falling from the change table or any changing top. The newborn does not roll or move, so parents leave the baby for a second to bring wipes or a diaper. But a crawling toddler which knows how to turn and flip over, can die in a single fall from a change table, if kept their unattended!! In fact because a baby head is heavier compared to their body when they are young, baby fall head first which ends up in a fatal injury!

A walking toddler requires a different type of precautions compared to a baby which only crawls. For example a walking baby can climb a chair and fall off a window! A walking baby can pull a table cloth and tip over a flat screen TV. A walking baby can exit to the pool or balcony while the parent is sure the baby is playing in the nursery, each of these incidents can end in a deadly fall to the pool or to the street.

Unfortunately there are endless of scenarios for domestic accidents. But the good news is that most of these scenarios can be prevented by self education and by following tips and guidelines. Like how to store medicine, how to arrange the crib, how to secure the bath and toilets, the kitchen and living room, from obvious hazards.

Self education means knowing what toy is killing more children in the USA compared to other toys! Knowing which appliance has killed hundreds of kids in their own home, and how a $15 solution could have prevented it. Where is the first place you should rush to look if you do not see your child!

Self Education On Child Safety

Baby Safety Around the houseThere are many books and videos you can watch, we recommend the book “How To Prevent Baby Accidents Around the House‘. It has over 200 life saving tips and pieces of information. It is short to read (100 pages) most of which are tips and ideas about smart ways childproofing the house and preventing hazards.

The book covers the house rooms: Nursery, bathroom, kitchen and has a chapter on safe sleeping and SIDS, poisoning, yard safety, jogger safety, and pool safety. The book as thorough as we would like it to be can not cover every hazard in and around the the house, but having a child or more without reading THIS book is not responsible at all.

Preventing home accidents may require adding some protection layers to fit the changing needs, from safety gates, to cabinet locks. Do not underestimate these safety accessories. But first you need to know what to look out from – How To Prevent Baby Accidents Around the House

A child which will manage to open a cabinet can pull over a shelf full of glasses on the floor, getting deep painful glass cuts. They can open a cabinet and reach a toxic cleaning fluid and drink it, or swallow mom’s medicine or even a coin and suffocate! All these could be prevented with a $10 cabinet lock. There is no price too expensive for child proofing the house. You need to evaluate the threats in your home, How To Prevent Baby Accidents Around the House and make it safer for your kids.

You will find in this website, many articles and information about child safety, home proofing accessories and information regarding creating a safer home for our children. We linked some of the accessories to Amazon so you can purchase easily the solutions which you need, and get them ASAP sent to your home.